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  • Shakkei is a term originating from China woodcarving and means “garden as a background landscape”. Thedominating characteristics of this concept

    are complexity, subtlety and aesthetics, which are

    reflected in the fashion of designer and Japanologist, Gabriel Baradee. This label stands for timeless

    elegant fashion and business attire with a touch of

    the avant-garde. The issue of sustainability isequally

    crucial. Almost 80% of manufacturing takes place in

    Austria and the rest in other EU countries, such as

    Germany. The short transportation routes reduce CO2

    emissions and make constant quality control easier.

    Only high-quality, certified fabrics and materials of

    organic, sustainable and fair origins are used in the

    collections.Gabriel Baradee particularly trusts textiles

    with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) seal.


    Along with his own women’s and men's collections,

    Bardee also sells selected pieces by other brands

    In his boutique. Leather shoes by Nobrand, vegan

    leather shoes by Bahatika and silver bracelets from

    a chinese manufacturer take centre stage. Additionally,

    alternating products by other brands, which fitin with

    Skakkei’s philosophy and style are also available here.

    Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 12 to 6pm,

    Saturday 11am to gpm.


    A concept wholesale store doesn't get more versatile than this:

    showroom, exhibition,shop and pop-up wholesale storein one

    —that'sthe concept of Elvyra Geyer, Zigi Mueller and

    Maria Oberfrank’s wholesale store. The discount shop primarily presents

    fashion, but also products, projects, installations and

    exhibitions from a variety of creative areas. For a

    maximum of three months, two to three designers

    or artists can present and/or sell their works and the

    pop-up wholesale store offers several designer super-sales a year.


    Going by the motto ,where fashion meets travel”,

    Silvia Gattin, designer and passionate globetrotter,

    has been designing extraordinary clothes,cheap nike shoes

    and home decor in an ethnic look since 2010. She

    became famous foremost with her Abdillah Kilim

    boots, which are made by a shoemaker in Marrakesh

    from leather and antique carpets, and the mirror

    clutch bags, which have been adorned with numerous

    mirrors and ornaments. All items come from small

    workshops and use traditional handcraft and chinese

    materials; Gattin puts emphasis on fair working

    conditions and ecology. In addition to the online

    wholesale store, there is also a online wholesale store since spring 2018,

    carrying the entire range.




    Walking into this salon makes you feel like you

    have been transported back in time. It is located

    in a renovated old building from the 16th century.

    Tastefully decorated displays invite you inside with

    its interior décor, which is just as impressive and

    which was designed by Gregor Eichinger.Surrounded

    by images of the world famous Empress Elisabeth,

    also known as Sisi, the designs, all of Austrian origin,

    fit perfectly into the timeless, beautiful ambience.

    Alongside classic cuts, you can also find trendy

    favourites. Well-known names such as Susanne

    Bisovsky, Lena Hoschek, Mothwurf, Miss Lillys Hats

    and many more make up the assortment.In addition

    to the women’s clothing collection, you can also

    find hats and jewellery. You can get competent

    and friendly advice from owner Sissy Schranz and

    her team. The service includes a quick alterations

    service and individual appointments.


    Susa Kreuzberger is a “madame with a mission”

    and this is also the motto for her label of the same

    name, which has simple cuts, high quality fabrics,

    dresses, coats and shirts that are comfortable to

    wear and guarantee freedom of movement when

    it comes to fabrics and design. In other words- she

    keeps it simple and sophisticated. When it comes to

    style, this designer specialises in very minimalistic,

    avant-garde clothing and considers fashion to be an

    extension of the body as well as an opportunity to

    rearrange oremphasise bodily proportions outside

    the confines of model sizes. Gender roles reinforced

    by fashion are broken down in her designs but are

    brought to mind in many ways, such asin the deconstruction of the cuts as well as the way she plays

    with the structure of materials and the contrast of

    noncolours. Her collections are not only the polar

    opposite of fast-moving fashion trends but also an


    invitation torethink gender binary-driven tendencies

    in mainstream society. The basics of the ready-towear collection are made up of classic pieces, such

    as tops, dresses, skirts and trousers, which nevertheless lie well outside the conventionally classic

    and what's more, every design can be personalised

    and customised upon request.



    Susanne Bisovsky's Viennese Chic” has many fans,

    ranging from Iris Apfel and Suzy Menkes to Li Edelkoort

    and Peggy Siegal.HersaloninVienna's seventh district

    offers herinternational clientele both prét-a-porter

    collections and haute couture models.


    Tiberius is a label and a concept wholesale store at the same

    time. The typical style, the so-called Tiberius DNA, is


    defined by detailed sensuality, playful provocation

    and ironic hedonism. Founded in 1992, Tiberius

    has been part of the Austrian fashion scene in an

    unconventional, irreverent way and withstood the

    tides of change while being a classic example of

    the Austrian fashion world’s design and lifestyle.

    Everything at Tiberius makes sense and touches the

    senses. Each collection stands fora holistic concept

    right down to the last detail. The dresses, evening

    gowns, bridal dresses, suits, leather fashion, cheap nike shoes and perfumes guarantee exciting moments.




    The customer is at the centre, wears designs from

    Austria and learns about up-and-coming national and international labels. Tiberius is a hub and

    meeting point for cosmopolitans and fashionistas.

    Itisalabel and concept wholesale store where leather meets

    silky chiffon, where fanciful concupiscence meets

    openness. ltisa concept where shapes, fits, colours,

    scents and ideology are in line.


    True You was founded in 2014 by llja Jay and brothers

    Rene and Roland Svoboda and is one of the Austrian

    designer labels that is not only renowned in Austria

    but internationally. True You stands for androgynous avant-garde design and an uncomplicated yet

    self-confident fashion style that underlines individuality. Black and grey are the dominating colours,

    the cuts are straightforward with many interesting

    details such as drapes, gathers and asymmetric

    hems.When it comes tothe materials, the keyword

    is “natural”. This gives the clothes —in combination

    with laid-back shapes and a high-quality workmanship that comes from the fashion capital Paris — a

    high wearing comfort. The creations are available

    in an online discount shop, in the discount shop Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    and since 2016 also in the brand new True You wholesale store.



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